DattaPeetham Ashram Life

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Avadhoota Datta Peetham is a remarkable place in the quiet city of Mysore. Upon arrival you are led into a serene and pure atmosphere, pervaded with Vedic chantings, the resonance of which speaks to your heart. This atmosphere makes all the difference, your heart sinks deeper into peaceful states, you feel relaxed. Above all, a spiritual calm and, the bottom line, a peaceful mind for a few important moments enters your life. Come and join in for a guided tour through the ashram

If you are prompted to take part in the daily worship, there are religious activities to sponsor each morning as a part of seeking Blessings, such as Sri Chakra PujaHoma, orTailabhishekam.. Traditional Theertha (holy water) is offered after Shree Chakra Puja. At the close of the day you may join the bhajan session (devotional singing). Morning Sri Chakra Puja is performed by either Sri Swamiji or Sri Bala Swamiji when they are in town. The Puja starts at 8 AM. Sri Swamiji gives Darshana to devotees on Sunday morning after Puja.

Maha Shivaratri, Sri Swamiji's Birthday, Navaratri, and Datta Jayanti are the most auspicious events that take place at the Ashram. Each occurs once a year at a preditermined date according to the Hindu astrological calendar. These festivals are unique in their character and cannot be found performed in a similar way anywhere in India or throughout the world. At these festivals you will experience a unique combination of vedic rituals, classical music, classical dance and traditional drama. Conducted simultaneously this creates an atmosphere of a pure and complete act of worship. Here the myriad arts of India return to their source in true vedic culture and worship.

NAVARATRI - (September / October) The nine day festival to observe the prayer to Mother Goddess. Sri Swamiji worships Mother Goddess Raja Rajeshwari through the traditional and sacred Nava Avarana Puja. The day starts around 8 AMwith procession from Datta Temple to Nada Mantapa. Sri Swamiji and Sri Bala Swamiji come along the procession carrying the procession idol of Mother Goddess Raja Rajeswari. Drummers, Mantra ChantingUpon arrival in Nada Mantapa, Sri Swamiji performs Kumari Puja (worshipping children from age 1 thru 16). Sri Swamiji then performs Sri Chakra Puja, Nava Avarana Puja, Annarchana (heap of rice), Devi Homa. Music concerts by reknowned musicians are held while Pujas take place. In the later part of the afternoon, Sri Swamiji or Bala Swamiji perform Abhishekam, Alamkara, Maha Mangalarati and Avadhana Sevas. Sacred chants from the four Vedas are sung. After giving away Prasadam to Puja participants, Sri Swamiji sings Devi Bhajans. Programs conclude around 8 PM.

DATTATREYA JAYANTI - The three day Datta Jayanti festival takes place in December every year. The festival marks the incarnation day of Adi Guru Dattatreya. This is a major festival of Datta Peetham. Daily programs include programs of Abhisheka to Dattatreya idol in the Universal Prayer Hall, Memorial service, Bhajans, and Shastra Sadas for scholars.